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Crawler Mucking Loader

Sinosun is a mining crawler mucking loader manufacturer in China, which can mass produce mucking loaders, roadway mucking loaders, mining mucking loaders, crawler mucking loaders.

Has a crawler mucking loader, which can effectively reduce the construction cost.

For mining enterprises, the cost of mining (production) is more important, which will directly affect the overall income of mining enterprises. So, what type of mining equipment should be selected for mining equipment? Which crawler mucking loader should be selected for mining has become the focus of attention. Mining equipment is the core equipment of the mining, and the normal operation of mining equipment is the premise and foundation for the smooth mining and production of the mine.

As a professional mucking loader manufacturer, we have specially designed the following crawler mucking loaders for the complexity and diversity of mining. Of course, we also specialize in the production of wheel mucking loaders and mucking loaders with cutters. For more information, please leave a message online or send Email to us.

  • SDB-60 Mucking Loader

    Mucking loader also named haggloader or continuous loader is a continuous production high-efficiency tunnel mining loading machinery, which is mainly used for the excavation of mine rock roadway and semi coal rock roadway, as well as the loading operation in the construction of diversion tunnel, railway tunnel and national defense cave.

  • SDB-80(ZWY-80) Crawler Mucking Loader

    SDB-80 Crawler Mucking Loader adopt industrial electricity as power to work in the underground tunnel, walk with crawler. Compared with tire walking, crawler walking has strong trafficability and climbing ability, and crawler mucking loader is more suitable for wet and muddy and steep environment in the tunnel. Muck loader has no tail gas, as its power source is electricity not diesel, environment protection.

  • SDB-60S(ZWY-60) Crawler Mucking Loader

    Crawler mucking loader is mainly used for tunnel mining operations with narrow space, such as metal mine, coal mine, non-metal mine, diversion roadway, etc. function is to excavate, load, transport and discharge gravel, ore, rock and soil materials of various projects. It has a belt conveyor trough and transport rock materials by belt conveyor trough. The tunnel loader is driven by crawler, with large driving force, wide raking range, full section rock loading, no dead corners, and no manual assistance to clean the working face.

  • SDB-80S(ZWY-80) Crawler Mucking Loader

    China crawler belt mucking loader manufacturer and supplier, we supply you with high quality crawler blet muck loader with cheap price. SDB-80S belt type crawler mucking loader(crawler haggloader) is a high-efficiency underground tunnel rock mining loading machine with belt conveyor trough for continuous production. The loading capacity is 80 cubic meters per hour.

  • SDB-120(ZWY-120) Haggloader

    As China haggloader factory and supplier, Sinosun Technology Group Co.,Ltd. supply you with haggloader with high quality and cheap price. We produce diffrent size specification. The loading capacity of SDB-120 haggloader is 120cbm/hour. As a tunnel mucking machine, it is crawler walking, with large driving force, wide picking range, full section rock loading in the tunnel, no dead corner, no manual assistance to clean the working face. The cargador has a scraper and chain conveyor trough and convey ore rock materials by scrapers and chains.

  • SDB-180(ZWY-180) Mucking Loader

    SDB-180 muck loader(crawler haggloader) is a high-efficiency rock loading mahcine for underground tunnel rock mining continuous production. We have diffrent size specification. The loading capacity of SDB-180 muck loader is 180 cubic meters per hour. Our rock mucking machine is mainly used for the loading operation of various ore blocks such as coal mine and mine main roadway, railway tunnel, water diversion tunnel project and national defense project. The rock mucking cargador can also be used for loading bulk materials in open-air operation.


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