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Mining and Tunneling Drilling Jumbos Manufacturer in China

As a professional China drilling jumbo manufacturer and supplier, we can supply you drill jumbo with high quality and cheap price.

Drilling jumbo(drill jumbo) is a kind of rock drilling equipment that uses the drill and blast method for tunnel and underground engineering construction. The rock drilling machine is used for drill hole for blasting. Underground jumbo can be divided into three types of tunneling jumbo, mining jumbo, rock bolting rig according to its function and usage. Drill jumbo also can be divided into two types of wheel drilling jumbo and crawler drilling jumbo according to its walking method. The drilling jumbo is also divided into single boom jumbo, double-boom(twin-boom) jumbo drill, three-boom drilling jumbo. Drilling jumbo have many different calls, for example: jumbo drilling machine, underground jumbo, jumbo drill rig, underground drill rig, underground rock drilling machine, etc.

The rock drilling rig mainly consists of drifter, propeller, chassis, drilling arm, hydraulic system, electrical system, traveling device, gas supply system, and water supply system.

Introduction to performance characteristics of drill jumbo

Work ability of drilling jumbo:

The jumbo dill can perform rock drilling on the roof, side walls, bottom plate and tunnel face; the operating mechanism of this machine is fully hydraulically driven.

Basic working principle of dill jumbo:

When working: The electric motor is used to provide power, and the high-energy hydraulic pump outputs sufficient hydraulic power required by the entire vehicle. The hydraulic system valve group controls rock drilling and other actions.

When walking: The diesel engine is used to provide power and drive the hydraulic pump to control driving, parking brake, and steering.

Introduction to functions and features of jumbo drilling machine

(1) hydraulic system:safe, efficient and stable

◆ The jumbo drill rig adopts directly controlled rock drilling system and large-flow vane pump, with reliable quality and long service life;

◆ The rock drilling system adopts a gradual drilling mechanism, which can slowly impact when starting to drill, and gradually increase pressure to the maximum impact energy after the hole is positioned;

◆ The underground jumbo is equipped with anti-jamming drill valve and pusher, the drilling operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated. The system is equipped with devices such as oil return filtration and rock drill high-pressure filtration;

◆ Hydraulic braking has extremely high safety: hydraulic locking is adopted.

(2)Introduction to operating console of underground drill rigs

◆ Water pressure, air pressure, impact pressure, rotation pressure, and propulsion pressure can be observed from the operating console;

◆ There is an emergency stop switch on the operating table: press it to shut down the entire machine circuit.

(3)water supply system of underground drilling machine

◆The underground drill is equipped with a water pump system for cooling hydraulic oil and rock drilling slag removal;

◆ Centrifugal booster water pump;

◆ Equipped with water pressure gauge and other complete water system;

◆ Purpose: Cool the hydraulic return oil through the oil cooler, and use 0.8-1.2MPA water pressure to discharge slag from the blast hole through the rock drill.

(4)gas supply system of drilling Jumbo

The mining jumbo is equipped with air compressor for oil-lubricated rock drill, air pressure gauge and automatic unloading.

(5)Spiral swing cylinder of jumbo drilling

The spiral swing cylinder converts the linear motion of the piston into the swing form of the output shaft through oblique thread engagement.

It has a large helix angle and the most compact structure to achieve high torque output, high load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, zero leakage, and flexible installation.

(6)Equipped with international first-class brand high-power drifter for drill jumbo

In order to consider the rock drilling properties of the surrounding rock structure, our company provides a variety of rock drill configuration options for users to choose from, such as Epiroc 14U, 18U, 18UP, 22U, Lianhuashan HYD200, HYD300 and other rock drills. Different rock drills have different rock drilling costs, which makes the acquisition higher. The rock drilling rate is shortened, the cycle operation time is shortened, the life of drilling tools is extended, the production efficiency is higher, and the rock drilling cost is lowered.

After-sales service and operator training of drill jumbo

Before the mining jumbo machine leaves the factory, we provide free technical training for relevant personnel of the jumbo users in our factory, and provide free accommodation and technical information to ensure that the mine personnel are proficient in operation and can independently maintain and repair.

Theoretical learning: Learn the theoretical knowledge of rock drilling rigs, including operating procedures, safety precautions, working principles, hydraulic principles, electrical principles, etc.

Simulation operation learning: Operate the hard rock drilling equipment on the spot at our company's simulation experimental site (our company makes homemade rocks of various hardness), and become familiar with the performance and operation methods of the mining rock drilling machine. Excellent instructors will teach you step by step and share their operating experience.

Learning troubleshooting, maintenance and repair methods: An excellent operator not only needs to be proficient in operating the tunneling and rock drilling equipment, but also needs to master basic and simple troubleshooting, maintenance and repair methods.

Assessment of students and issuance of completion certificates: After the training, our company will conduct a professional test and issue a completion certificate after passing the test.

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