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Electric Excavator

Electric Crawler Excavator

    Product Function:

    Electric excavator is one type of high efficiency, environment protection machine integrating moving, digging, loading. The products adopt electricity for power to work, no tail gas, environment protection. The product adopt full-hydraulic drive system, hydraulic pilot operation.


    Electric excavator is used widely for metal mine, non-metal mine, hydro power project, water diversion tunnel project, highway, subway and railway project, Urban pipe network construction, national defence construction project etc. Electric excavator is used for rock loading and bottom clearing and excavation operation in the level tunnel, vertical shaft and inclined shaft. Electric excavator can be equipped with breaking hammer that can repair bottom and side of tunnel, and break bigger rock into smaller one.

    The electric excavator is suitable for rock loading, bottom cleaning and excavation of frozen soil layer in coal mine, metal mine, non-metal mine, shaft, inclined shaft and roadway excavation.

Electric crawler excavator has the following features:

Compared with the traditional manual bottom cleaning, the use of this machine not only greatly saves the labor cost, but also improves the operation efficiency and improves the working environment. The operator operates under the protection of the cab, which is conducive to safe production.

Compared with the traditional diesel powered small excavator, due to the use of electro-hydraulic system, underground electric excavator has the characteristics of energy saving, low noise, no exhaust pollution and high efficiency. It is more suitable for underground use.

The machine has compact structure, small overall size and small sub assembly parts, which is convenient for vertical well entry.

The minimum rotation structure is adopted, and its tail will not exceed the width of the machine when the machine body rotates, so it is more suitable for underground narrow space operation.

Technical Parameter:

Model SDW-20 SDW-30 SDW-65
Weight(kg) 2000 4500 6500
Dimension(mm) 3500x1200x2300 3750x1600x2400 4460x1900x2400
Bucket Capacity(m³) 0.05 0.2-0.3 0.3
Max Excavating Height(mm) 3500 4500 5200
Max Excavating Depth(mm) 2200 950 1150
Min Ground Clearance(mm) 200 340 320
Max Discharge Height(mm) 2200 1600 3500
Max Vertical Excavating Depth(mm) 2200 2240 2650
Travelling Speed(km/h) 2 1.5 2
Nominal Working Pressure(Mpa) 22 35 35
Rotation Angle(°) 360 360 360
Electric Motor Power(kw) 18.5 30 45

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