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Traction Narrow Gauge Electric Locomotive

CTY45/900GP Traction Narrow Gauge Electric Locomotive

    Product Introduction of CTY45/900GP Traction Narrow Gauge Electric Locomotive:

    This product is a traction narrow gauge electric locomotive specially designed for subway and tunnel shield construction, fully considering adverse construction environments such as track conditions, large slopes, and humidity. It can be matched with advanced construction methods in tunnels, greatly improving construction efficiency.

Specification of CTY45/900GP Traction Narrow Gauge Electric Locomotive:

Model CTY45/900GP
Track gauge 900mm
Adhesive Weight 45T
Hourly traction force 96kN
Maximum traction force 126kN
Speed 8km/h
Rated Voltage 540V
Battery capacity(5-hour rate) 560Ah
Number of traction motors X power (kW): 110kW x 2
Wheelbase 2800mm
Minimum curve radius 25m
Traction height 320mm 430mm
Wheel diameter 840mm
Speed regulation methods: frequency conversion speed regulation
External dimensions (L x W x H): 7800X1580X2450mm
Braking methods Mechanical, air braking and electrical

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