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SDB-120(ZWY-120) Haggloader

    Product Description of SDB-120 Haggloader

    As China haggloader factory and supplier, Sinosun Technology Group Co.,Ltd. supply you with haggloader with high quality and cheap price. We produce diffrent size specification. The loading capacity of SDB-120 haggloader is 120cbm/hour. As a tunnel mucking machine, it is crawler walking, with large driving force, wide picking range, full section rock loading in the tunnel, no dead corner, no manual assistance to clean the working face. The cargador has a scraper and chain conveyor trough and convey ore rock materials by scrapers and chains.

    It can quickly complete the work of risk removal and trenching. It have five functions:moving, rock excavating, rock collecting, rock loading, rock conveying and dumping.

    Cralwer haggloader use its bucket to excavate ore rock or soil or other materials and collect and load them into conveyor trough, conveyor trough transmit rocks to tail of trough and then unload rocks into dumper truck, shuttle mining car, side-dumping car, belt conveyor or skip or other transimmison equipment. The dumping height and length are designed and customized as per customer request.

    It adopts hydraulic pilot operating rod, which has the advantages of light operation, strong control proportion and high reliability.

It can be configured and installed with hydraulic breaking hammer, diesel engine and other supporting accessories. We can break, repair huge rock and coal sheet on the roadway baseplate or on the bottom of the side-panel.

It is installed with diesel engine, it become the dual power mucking loader.

It muck loader is used widely for underground tunnel rock mining, coal mine, metal mine, non-metal mine, hydropower project, water diversion tunnel project, highway, subway and railway project, Urban pipe network construction, national defence construction project etc. 

Our service we provide across whole supply chain covering pre-sale, designing, manufacturing, delivery, installation & test run and after sale support through our experienced professionals. 

We can design and customize haggloader that is more suitable to your tunnel according to tunnel conditions including width and hegiht of tunnel and slope size of roadway etc. We design and customize the dumping length and height accoring to your dumper truck.

Field installation, commissioning and training

Field maintenance and repair service

Video technical support

Online support

Timely spare parts

Technical Parameter:

A  Excavating Width(mm) ≥5300
B  Excavating Distance(mm) ≥2200
C  Excavating Height(mm) ≥3300
D  Excavating depth(mm) ≥700
E  Dumping Height(mm) 2100(changeable)
F  Minimum Loading Height(mm) 1600(changeable)
G  Dumping Distance(mm) 2000(changeable)
H  Maximum Rotation Angle(°) ±50
Weight (Kg) 8000
Dimension(L*W*H mm) 9000*1800*2200
Loading Capacity(m³/hour) 120
Climbing Ability(°) ≤30
Electric Motor Power(kw) 45
Mini turning radius(mm) 5300
Ground Clearance(mm) 270
Travelling Speed(m/s) 0.8
Rated working pressure(Mpa) 20
Applied working section of tunnel (Width*Height)(mm) ≥3000*3000

Working Diagram

Product Configuration

  • Distribution Valve
  • Guide Handle
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Pump+Elecric Motor
  • Radiator
  • Electric Motor
  • Electric Element
  • Scraper Conveyor

Work Site:

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