SUK-16 Underground Dump Truck

SUK-16 Underground Dump Truck

    Product Introduction of SUK-16 Underground Dump Truck:

    SUK-16 underground dump truck integrates transportation and unloading. The Dump Truck has the advantages of reliable and stable operation, convenient operation and wide field of vision. The articulated dump truck is suitable for ore and waste rock transportation in underground mines. The engine of the underground mining dump truck adopts the advanced engine of international well-known brand, which has the characteristics of low noise, high power, good economy and low emission. Supplemented by an efficient exhaust purification system, the air pollution is reduced and the underground operation environment is improved. The structural parts are made of low alloy high-strength steel plate with high strength and small deformation. The whole vehicle system configuration and overall technology have reached the world advanced level.

Characteristic of Underground Dump Truck:

1. Flexible and applicable to a wide range. Self powered, trackless and self-propelled, without track laying;

2. It can simplify roadway layout and facilitate roadway formation at one time;

3. The slewing ring is used to connect the swing frame to swing, so as to reduce the failure rate;

4. It integrates working braking, parking braking and emergency braking, with spring braking and hydraulic release, which is safe and reliable;

5. Save labor and improve productivity

Specification of Underground Dump Truck:

SUK-16 Underground Dump Truck
Hopper capacity (m³)8
Rated load capacity (T)16
Climbing ability (heavy load) (%)≥25
Maximum traction force (kN)≥160
Corresponding unloading angle (°)60
Maximum steering angle (°)±40
Swing angle (°)±8
Minimum ground clearance (mm)275
Loading height (mm)2180±50
Maximum unloading height (mm) 4200±100
Wheel base (mm)4046
Min. Turning radius (mm)Outside7570±100
Speed (km/h)Gear I5.0±0.5
Gear II 11.0±1.0
Gear III 19.0±2.0
Gear IV 25.0±2.0
Overall length (transportation state) (mm)8000±100
Overall width (mm)2180±50
Overall height (canopy height) (mm)2250±50
Carriage lifting time (s)≤15
Carriage lowering time (s)≤14
Departure angle (°)15
Overall weight (including hydraulic oil) (t)15.8
Tire model 14.00-24
Fuel tank volume (L)160
Volume of hydraulic oil tank (L)180
Rated power(KW)165

Working Diagram:

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