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FCB-1.5 Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck

FCB-1.5 Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck

    Product Introduction of Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck:

    FCB-1.5 Underground blasting material transport truck is a special equipment designed and manufactured for underground non coal mines to transport blasting materials.

    FCB-1.5 mining diesel engine trackless underground explosive material transporter is powered by diesel engine, hydraulic mechanical transmission (or mechanical transmission), four-wheel drive, forward driving, front axle hydraulic steering, large steering angle, flexible turning and small radius. It is suitable for medium-section tunnel and has the following technical characteristics:

    ● Yunnei III water-cooled low pollution engine is adopted for the power system;

    ● The power transmission system adopts hydraulic torque converter, gearbox (or power shift gearbox), hydraulic brake spring release and spring brake hydraulic release double circuit brake drive axle, and mining pattern cut resistant pneumatic tire;

    ● Wet multi disc hydraulic brake spring release brake is adopted for service braking; Mico charging valve and brake valve; The parking brake (emergency brake) adopts spring brake, hydraulic release brake and electric control or manual directional valve to control the axle brake, which is safe and reliable;

    ● The frame is of integral structure with reliable performance;

    ● The closed cab is safer and more comfortable;

    ● The box body of the whole vehicle is an all metal integral framework structure with high strength; The container has passed all standard tests and reached the national standard.

Safety Alert of Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck

● Operators of the machine must wear safety helmets and carry self rescuers and miner's lamps when entering the well;

● The machine must be maintained regularly and checked frequently. If any hidden danger is found, it shall be handled in time;

● It is forbidden to carry out maintenance while the machine is running;

● When the machine is under maintenance, the power supply must be cut off and the words "under maintenance, no start" must be hung.

Safety Alert of Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck:

FCB-1.5 Underground Blasting Material Transport Truck
Rated load capacity (t) 1.5
Maximum traction force (KN) ≥30
Climbing capacity (%) ≥25
Minimum ground clearance (mm) ≥180
Minimum turning radius (mm) Outside ≤7500
Inside ≤5000
Driving speed (km/h) gear I12.0±1.0
gear II23.0±2.0
reverse gear I13.0±1.0
reverse gear II23.0±2.0
Container size (mm) L 1820±50
W 1600±50
Overall dimensions (mm) L 4700±200
Track width 1690±50
Total weight (kg) 4470±200
Tire model 7.50R16LT
Fuel tank volume (L)50
Volume of hydraulic oil tank (L) 50
Power (kW) 77

Working Diagram:

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