SBX-8 Dump Truck

SBX-12 Dump Truck

    Product Advantages:

    1. Good trafficability: mining dump truck is compact in structure. Through the design of cab (front part), suspension, frame, cargo compartment and lifting mechanism, it has compact structure, small turning radius and extremely flexible. It is suitable for flexible operation in narrow space in shaft ramp;

    2. Good safety: according to the characteristics of underground humid air, insufficient light and slippery road surface, the vehicle lamps and electrical components are improved, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is enhanced, and special tires are selected, which has strong obstacle crossing ability;

    3. Strong power: strong power, large torque, good climbing and starting performance;

    4. Strong bearing capacity: the whole vehicle is scientifically and reasonably configured and designed according to the design concept of mining vehicle, and the bearing capacity is 1.5 times that of ordinary highway vehicle.


SBX-12 Dump Truck
Fuel type diesel oil
Driving modeside drive
Diesel engineYunnei4102QB
Diesel engine power 110 hp
Gearbox model145(hige-low speed)
Rear axle1080
Front axle2050
Driving modeRWD
Braking modeair brake
Rear wheel track2150mm
Front wheel track2000mm
Ground clearance(mm)250mm
Dumping moderear dumping(double top cylinder)
Front tyre825R16
Rear tyre825R16
Overoll size(L*W*H)5100mm*2150mm*1800mm
Box size3300mm*2000mm*800mm
Steering gear hydraulic power
Box capacity4.8m³
Climbing ability12°
Loading capacity12000kgs
Tail gas treatmentpurifier

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