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Electric Tricycle Dump Truck

  • DSL-1 Electric Tricycle Dump Truck

    The electric dump truck adopts the hydraulic lifting system, which can automatically dump the goods in the carriage at the designated position, It not only saves manpower, but also saves a lot of time and effectively improves work efficiency. The electric transport vehicle is easy to maintain and only needs to lubricate some connecting parts. Improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and effectively increase enterprise profits. At the same time, it can reduce the physical labor and work intensity of workers.

  • DSL-2 Electric Tricycle Dumper

    The 2 ton mining electric dump truck, also known as mining electric transport vehicle, takes 72V battery as the power source, 2000W brush motor, with strong power and large load capacity. It adopts hydraulic system, saves time and labor. It is equipped with high-performance traction battery. It can discharge continuously for 10-12 hours and last 100 kilometers after charging once. The battery capacity will not be reduced within two years of normal use, An electric transport vehicle driven by a motor.

  • DSL-3 Electric Tricycle Dump Truck

    The 3T electric mining tricycle is solid and durable. This electric mining tricycle is equipped with 7000W high-power brushless motor, electric start, oil brake, dump bucket and cargo box bottom plate, which are made of 3mm thick iron plate. It has strong climbing ability and is suitable for various mine roadway environments, especially for narrow roadway, narrow pavement and sloping working conditions.


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