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Mining Drilling Jumbo

  • CYTC76 Mining Drilling Jumbo

    CYTC76 mining drilling jumbo is applicable to the mining operation of small and medium-sized metal mines, and the drilling diameter is Φ64-89mm. The drilling range of this drill is relatively large. It can drill upward or downward parallel holes and fan-shaped holes on the roof and sidewall, and the drilling depth can reach 35m. The positioning action of the whole machine adopts the electric control system, and the rock drill operation and anti sticking system adopts PLC computer control.

  • CYTC76B Mining Drilling Jumbo

    The mining drilling jumbo CYTC70 is the preferred equipment for the mining process of non pillar High Sublevel Caving in metal mines. It can meet the needs of specific mining drilling with multiple positioning functions. Its slide and swivel arm positioning system is reliable, the drilling accuracy is high, the power of the rock drill is large, its electro-hydraulic control technology is advanced, the degree of mechanization and work efficiency are high, The one-time stable vehicle can drill parallel holes and fan-shaped holes within 1.5m in the large section roadway, so as to greatly improve the unit blasting volume.

  • CYTC70 Mining Drilling Jumbo

    The drilling jumbo CYTC70 is suitable for a wide range of rocks and can work in a roadway with a width of only 3M, and the steering arm can automatically maintain translation. The left and right swing angles of the boom are large, and the up and down pitch angles are large. This model provides a large coverage area for single vehicle stabilization; The propeller can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, ensuring its high-level section mining speed and accuracy.


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