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Pipe Jacking Machine(TBM)

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of Pipe Jacking Machine(TBM) in China, Sinosun is sure to offer customers superior tunneling products for your solutions. Here we introduce the Pipe Jacking Machine(TBM), a kind of special tunneling equipment. We mainly offer slurry balance pipe jacking machine, gravel pipe jacking machine, rock pipe jacking machine, earth balance pipe jacking machine, rectangular pipe jacking machine.

Our pipe jacking machines features low price, reliable quality and smooth operation. Contact us for more information.

  • Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

    Slurry balance pipe jacking machine is suitable for a wide range of soil, especially for silt and sand geology, especially for strata with high groundwater level and large soil change range.
    The excavation surface is stable, with little disturbance to the soil around the pipe jacking, and very little ground settlement.
    The slurry conveying system has strong continuity and fast jacking construction speed.
    The main shaft seal is reliable and has a long service life.

  • Gravel Pipe Jacking Machine

    Independent cutter head center scouring system.
    Reliable displacement space shear crushing structure.
    Reasonable cutter head design can effectively control the particle size of pebbles.
    Stable and safe power system to provide power for broken pebbles.

  • Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    Rock pipe jacking machine is applicable to sandy soil layer, gravel layer, pebble layer, Boulder layer, rock layer, etc.
    Adopt central spindle transmission, with large power transmission distance;
    Maintenance personnel can enter the mud sump during construction and replace the maintenance cutting hob;
    Primary crushing by hob and secondary crushing by twisting leg shear;
    Capable of long-distance excavation;
    Computer is used to collect data and control.

  • Earth Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

    Earth balance pipe jacking machine is applicable to a wide range of soil.
    Low speed and high torque transmission mode is adopted, the cutting force of the cutter head is large, and the overload coefficient can reach more than.
    There is an independent and perfect soil water injection and grouting system, which can improve the soil on the excavation surface, so as to expand the scope of application.
    The construction ground settlement is small, and the minimum overburden is only 1.2 times of the pipe diameter.

  • Rectangular Pipe Jacking Machine

    The earth pressure balanced rectangular pipe jacking machine can be used for the construction of street tunnels, highway crossings, subway stations, underwater tunnels, and the laying of pipelines in downtown areas, ancient cultural relics protection areas, power, telecommunications, oil, natural gas and so on.
    Keep the earth pressure balance and have little disturbance to the surrounding soil;
    High space utilization and reduction of underground excavation area.


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