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XDUM Series Underground Concrete Mixer Truck

    China Concrete Mixer Truck for Underground Tunnels and Mines

    At present, the technology of the concrete mixer truck on the ground has been fully mature on the market, and the products are diversified and applied to many industries and projects, which can greatly improve the working efficiency. There are a series of advantages. However, in the coal industry, the transportation mode of the underground concrete still stays in the original state of the open tipper truck transportation mode, which is the transportation party It is not only small in transportation volume and low in efficiency, but also easy to splash and layer concrete in long-distance transportation. It also needs a lot of manpower assistance. However, the use of underground concrete mixer truck is still blank in the domestic and global coal industry.

    To cope with concrete transportation and mixing operations in harsh environments such as tunnels and mines, Sinosun has introduced a concrete mixer for underground environments, specially designed for transporting concrete in harsh environments such as tunnels and mines, where mixers face great challenges. This underground concrete mixer truck can be moved in tight spaces with a load capacity of 2.5-4 cubic meters.

    Once this product is published, it is widely concerned and welcomed. At present, the technology of this product has been fully mature and used in many coal mines in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, and it has been well appraised. At present, our company is developing the following three types of products with different specifications according to the actual environment of the requirements of users.

    Buy cheap and reliable underground concrete mixer truck and other underground engineering machines, please contact us.


Engine typeYUNNEI 4102QBZXICHAI 4W91-63YN27
Engine power81kW46kW42kW
Transmission modelEQ145EQ145EQ145
Tank capacity4.0 m³3.0 m³2.5 m³
Rear axle ratio6.1676.1676.167
Drive mode4×24×24×2
Rear axle type108010691041
Front tire type 700-16 (2 pcs)700-16 (2 pcs)650-16 (2 pcs)
Rear tire type750-16 (4 pcs)700-16 (4 pcs)700-16 (4 pcs)
Truck size (L×W×H)(mm)5850×2050×27005750×1850×23505700×1850×2100
Tank plate thickness6mm (Manganese Steel) 6mm (Manganese Steel) 6mm (Manganese Steel)
Type of reducerConstant hydraulic pump drivingConstant hydraulic pump drivingConstant hydraulic pump driving
Tank power extractor modeGearbox take-offGearbox take-offGearbox take-off
SteeringHydraulic SteeringHydraulic SteeringHydraulic Steering
Brake modeAir-cut brakeAir-cut brakeAir-cut brake
Grade ability12°12°12°
Wheel Base3200mm3050mm3200mm
Exhaust cleaningWater filtrationWater filtrationWater filtration
Front suspension plate65×12mm (11 pcs)65×12mm (11 pcs)65×12mm (16 pcs)
Rear suspension plate 75×13mm (14 pcs)75×12mm (17 pcs)75×14mm (14 pcs)
The chassis material160*80mm (Rectagular Steel Tube)160*80mm (Rectagular Steel Tube)160×80mm (Rectagular Steel Tube)

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