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SDC-1.3 Diesel Scooptram(LHD)

SDC-1.3 Diesel Scooptram(LHD)

    Product Features & Advantages

    ● Power system: Adopting Dongfanghong 4110 supercharged engine, with large reserve torque, strong power, and durable construction; low failure rate, simple maintenance, adapt to harsh working conditions such as underground high temperature and humidity. 1. In recent years, domestic engines have been mature and stable in technology. They use turbocharged engines, which are more suitable for working at high altitudes. They have sufficient air intake, sufficient combustion, stronger power, good emissions, and low roadway pollution, while imported engines are only natural suction. Gas engine, no supercharged and intercooled, insufficient intake air, not suitable for working at high altitude. 2. The engine is more cost-effective. The equipment working environment in the tunnel is bad (humidity, dust, etc.), labor intensity is high (8-20 hours/day), and untimely maintenance and other factors can easily cause early engine wear, black smoke, and power after one year. Problems such as descent need to be overhauled. Imported engine maintenance costs are high, the cost of a major overhaul ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, and some parts need to be purchased from abroad, and the waiting time is long; while the domestic engine assembly price is about 30,000 yuan, and the parts are universal and the price is lower. Easier to purchase.

● Transmission system: adopts Liugong twin-turbo gearbox, two forward gears and one reverse gear, with high shifting efficiency; and it is matched with a closed multi-disc wet brake drive axle special for mining machinery with a high speed ratio, which has wheel gear ratios. Increased, the first gear speed is slower; the wheel gear has been increased from 5 modules of the original 3 ton loader to 5.5 modules of the 5 ton loader, and the original 3 planetary wheels of the 3 ton wheel have been changed. There are four. Simply put, the wheel side of the 5-ton loader has been replaced with a 3-ton truck, which is more durable. And the half shaft and differential, main reducer, gearbox, torque converter, engine are less stressed and should not be damaged. The input torque is large, the transmission efficiency is high, the work is stable, and the low speed and large torque are realized, making the first gear shovel more powerful. The tires do not skid, the filling rate is high, and the work efficiency is high.

● Working system: using pilot control to make the work easier and more efficient.

● Electrical system: It is designed to be waterproof and moisture-proof to adapt to wet conditions in underground mines.

● Brake system: The service brake is a multi-disc wet brake, and the parking brake is a spring brake and hydraulic release, which makes the brake safe and reliable. Wet brakes wrap the brake discs, brake calipers, and brake pads and lubricate them with oil. The mud, sand and water mixture cannot enter, avoiding damage to the brake components. Within two years, there is no need to replace the brake components, reducing the frequency of maintenance, and the braking effect is better.

● Exhaust gas purification system: adopts water filtration device + oxidation catalyst to achieve two-stage filtration. Exhaust gas is discharged in the form of water mist and quickly settles to the ground, which greatly reduces air pollution and protects the roadway environment and the physical and mental health of the driver.

● The engine air intake adopts an oil-bath air filter, which replaces the ordinary paper air filter (the paper filter element will be deformed and blocked due to the moisture in the intake air and lose the filtering effect), and there is no need to replace the filter element.

● The steel frame of the vehicle is thickened, and the rigidity of the vehicle is enhanced. The bucket blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and shear-resistant. The V-shaped structure reduces the resistance of shoveling and has a longer service life.

● Smooth wear-resistant and puncture-resistant tires are used, and four tire protection chains are used to make the tires have a longer service life.

● Strong climbing ability, full load maximum climbing 16°, with the assistance of hoist, it can be used for excavation of slopes within 28°, instead of slagging machine.

● The rear frame of the machine can be disassembled into 5 parts, which is convenient for going down the well.

● The machine is compact in structure and easy to operate. It can perform integrated operations of shoveling, loading, transporting and unloading. It has high work efficiency and is suitable for mining and digging of roadways, as well as auxiliary operations such as construction and leveling of work sites and roads, and material transportation.

● 1.5-1.9 cubic bucket can be customized according to the proportion of ore. The output per shift is equivalent to that of other brands of 2 cubic scrapers, but the price is 30% lower than that of 2 cubic scrapers. The purchase cost is low, the use cost is low, and the cost performance is higher.

Technical Parameter:

No. SDC-1.3 Data
1 Bucket capacity (m³) 1.3
2 Rated load (T) 2.6
3 Operating weight (T) 8.5
4 Speed (km/h) 0-23
5 Forward gear (km/h) I 0-8 II 0-23
6 Reverse gear (km/h) I 0-4.6 II 0-9.7
7 Max. climbing gradient 16°
8 Overall dimension (L×W×H mm) 5890×1485×2000
9 Min. ground clearance (mm) 215
10 Wheel base (mm) 2651
11 Wheel tread (mm) 1270
12 Max. dumping height (mm) 2100
13 Dumping reach (mm) 780
14 Engine model YTO LR4A3Z-22
15 Rated power (kW) 70
16 Tyre model 10.00-20

Working Diagram:

Work Site:

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