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WJD-1 Underground Electric LHD Machine

WJD-1 Underground Electric LHD Machine

    Introduction of WJD-1 Underground Electric LHD Machine:

    WJD-1 underground electric LHD machine is mainly used for underground shovel loading and transportation of ore and rubble after blasting. The LHD scoop can also be used in railway, highway and tunnel engineering. The load haul dump machine is especially suitable for working faces with poor working conditions, narrow, low and muddy working sites.

    The power system of WJD-1 underground electric LHD machine is driven by AC 380V and 45KW motors.

    Motor - hydraulic variable displacement pump - quantitative motor - transmission gearbox - front and rear axle - four rubber wheel transmission. The swing of the frame after the rotary bearing connection is adopted; The cable winding system adopts hydraulic control operation, the pressure of cable collection and release is stable, and special scraper cable is used. The working system adopts pilot hydraulic control operation, which makes the operation of the scraper more simple, efficient and low failure rate.

    In order to adapt to the complex working environment, WJD-1 electric side dump LHD adds a set of rollover device on the bucket, which is composed of bracket mechanism and hydraulic mechanism. In this way, the LHD adds rollover function on the basis of normal shovel unloading function, which can be installed forward or forward.

WJD-1 Underground Electric LHD Machine Has the Following Features:

① The design is reasonable, small and exquisite, and the section at the operation site is not less than 2 * 2.2M, which can be unblocked;

② Strong electric power, zero pollution, low energy consumption, and greatly improve work efficiency;

③ The cable winding system adopts the hydraulic automatic control system, and the automatic retraction and retraction of the cable is synchronized with the backward and forward of the vehicle;

Technical Parameter:

Bucket capacity (m³) 1(0.75)
Rated load capacity (t) 2(1.5)
Climbing capacity (heavy load) (°) ≥12
Maximum traction force (kN) ≥50
Maximum scooping force (kN) ≥42
Maximum steering angle (°) ±38
Corresponding unloading angle (°) 40
Swing angle (°) ±8
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 220
Maximum lifting height (mm) 3210±100
Maximum unloading height (mm) ≥1080 ≥1500
Minimum unloading distance (mm) ≥800
Wheelbase (mm) 2200
Minimum turning radius (mm) outside of bucket ≤4500
inside of rear wheel ≤2540
Walking speed (km/h) 0-10
overall length (mm) 6090±100
overall width (mm) 1300±50 1320±50
overall height (mm) 1900±50
Action time of working device (s) <14
Departure angle (°) 15
Overall weight (t) ≤7
Tyre model 10.0-20
Volume of traveling oil tank (L) 150
Working oil tank volume (L) 175
Electric motor power (kW) 45

Working Diagram:

Work Site:

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