EBZ200L Roadheader

EBZ200L Roadheader

    Product Description of EBZ200L Roadheader

    EBZ200L roadheader is mainly used for the excavation of coal roadway and semi coal rock roadway. The road header is mainly aimed at the construction of low coal mine roadway, medium soft rock and semi hard rock roadway. Low fuselage, low center of gravity, good stability and high configuration.

    Dual motor layout, small overall size of motor box and wide operation field of vision.

    New material forged track shoes and track pins have high performance, high strength and good reliability.

    The motor box body wraps the motor, and the main bearing force of the motor box body reduces the impact force of the motor and improves the service life of the cutting part.

    Dual seat configuration, and the seat can adjust the position to meet the needs of different operating positions, and the operation is comfortable and convenient.

    The whole plate slewing ring type star wheel driving device has the advantages of simple structure, few faults and high reliability.

    The first conveyor of road header has a flat structure, which is connected with the shovel plate by a hinged four pin mechanism, and the operation is smooth; The chute surface is provided with JFE wear-resistant plate, which is durable and wear-resistant.

The hydraulic system of road header adopts constant power, pressure cut-off and load sensitive control technology; Hydraulic components adopt international and domestic well-known brands, with advanced functions and high reliability.

The cutting mechanism of road header adopts double oil cylinder telescopic structure, with balanced force on the telescopic arm and high reliability; The standard cutting head with large cone angle has strong rock breaking ability and high cutting efficiency.

Quick opening electric cabinet, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

Portable remote control handle, omni-directional control, convenient and flexible excavation operation;

Automatic cutting and remote control of road header can be customized to reduce manual labor intensity and improve cutting efficiency.

Centralized lubrication is selected to ensure real-time lubrication of lubricating parts and reduce manual maintenance time.

There is JFE wear-resistant steel plate on the surface of the shovel plate, which is durable and wear-resistant.

The road header machine has telescopic cutting function, which is conducive to sweeping and trimming, reducing car moving, high cutting efficiency and deep undercover.

The electrical system of roadheader tunneling machine adopts internationally famous brand components with advanced functions and high stability. It has the functions of LCD Chinese character dynamic display, fault self diagnosis and memory.

Technical Parameter:

Overall Size(LXWXH) (mm) 10440x2520x1500
Shovel plate width (mm) 3200
Height (mm) (Cutting head is laid horizontally on the highest point) 1600
Dinting undercut (mm) 296
Ground clearance (mm) 133
Width of positioning cutting (mm) 5120/5650
Height of positioning cutting (mm) 4170/4550
Gantry height (mm) 342
Total weight (kgs) 53000
Climbing capacity ±18°
Travelling speed (m/min) 7
Grounding pressure (MPA) 0.13
Total power (kW) 310
Cutting motor power (kW) 200
Pump power (kW) 110
Supply voltage (V) AC1140/660(customization)
Frequency of supply (HZ) 50
Rotation speed of cutting head (r/min) 48
Loading capacity (m³/min) 5.26
Crawler width (mm) 600
Water pressure of outside spraying (mpa) 4
Water pressure of inside spraying (mpa) 2
Maximum size of non removable part (mm) 3300x1560x1400
Maximum weight of non removable part (kgs) 7000

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