SBX-5 Dump Truck

SBX-5 Dump Truck

    Introduction of 5t mining transporter(5 tons dump truck):

    ◆ Good mobility and trafficability: the width of the whole vehicle is only 1.65m, with good trafficability. Small turning radius, flexible mobility, less vehicle failure rate and high attendance rate. It is suitable for the working conditions of narrow loading and unloading area, frequent turns, turns and many uphill and downhill slopes in the mining area.

    ◆ Superior performance: it is equipped with Xichai series diesel engine with reliable performance, low speed and high torque. Large matching speed ratio, special gearbox for heavy mining vehicle. The double deceleration high speed ratio drive axle increases the speed ratio and lifting torque. The driving torque is more than 30% higher than that of highway vehicles with the same power. The load starts smoothly, the carrying capacity is large, and the climbing ability is strong. The four-wheel drive vehicle can climb more than 25%.

    ◆ Strong bearing capacity: special steel plate is selected to make the closed box section rigid frame, which has firm structure, high torsional and impact strength, high rigidity and solid leather. Specially designed suspension system and matching large-diameter mine special tire ensure its strong bearing capacity.

    ◆ High loading and unloading efficiency: the special U-shaped cargo box in the mining area is fully welded and reinforced with channel steel. The material is thick, strong impact resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, the internal width of the cargo box of 1.7m is convenient for multi-directional loading of LHD, loader and other equipment, which greatly shortens the loading time. The utility model has the advantages of large lifting stroke, short gear loading and unloading efficiency, and large lifting stroke.

    ◆ Reliable braking performance: the front and rear are equipped with widened brake friction plates, and the double circuit air braking ensures the possibility of continuous braking on heavy-duty downhill. The spring energy storage air cut-off braking ensures the braking safety of the mine car under complex working conditions.


SBX-5 dump truck
Fuel typediesel oil
Driving modeside drive
Diesel engine modelYunnei490
Diesel engine power 63 hp
Gearbox model530(hige-low speed)
Rear axle 1061
Front axle1041
Driving modeRWD
Braking modeair brake
Rear wheel track width1630mm
Front wheel track width 1630mm
Wheelbase 2280mm
Ground clearance(mm)180mm
Dumping moderear dumping(double top cylinder)
Front tyre model 700R16
Rear tyre model700R16
Overoll size(L*W*H)4350mm*1650mm*1450mm
Box size2700mm*1550mm*600mm
Steering gearhydraulic power
Box capacity2.2m³
Loading capacity5000kgs
Tail gas treatmentpurifier

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