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EBZ200A Cantilever Roadheader

EBZ200A Cantilever Roadheader

    Product Description

    EBZ200A cantilever roadheader is mainly used for coal roadway, semi coal rock roadway and tunnel excavation. The whole machine has high configuration, low center of gravity and good stability. It is mainly aimed at the construction of medium soft rock and semi hard rock roadway.

    The cutting head is optimized by simulation technology, with reasonable layout and strong rock breaking ability.

    The dust spray system has the functions of internal and external spray and water leakage detection, and has good dust suppressionand cooling effect.

    The first conveyor has a flat structure and forms a four pin mechanism with the shovel plate. It moves with the shovel plate, and the material is transported smoothly. The chute surface is provided with JFE wear-resistant plate, which is durable and wear-resistant;

    The traveling drive system adopts the advanced technology of motor and reducer, which has large output torque and is suitable for large inclination operation.

    Large inclination angle at the bottom of the shovel plate, large ground clearance of the whole machine and strong climbing ability. The motor directly drives the star wheel, which is conducive to loading and bottom cleaning. There is JFE wear-resistant steel plate on the surface of the shovel plate, which is durable and wear-resistant.

    The gantry is high to prevent blocking of large materials and smooth transportation;

    It has two cutting modes of high speed and low speed to meet the needs of different working conditions, medium cutting power and high cutting efficiency.

    The cutting mechanism has telescopic function, which is conducive to edge sweeping and trimming, reduce vehicle moving, high cutting efficiency and deep undercover.

    It has two cutting modes of high speed and low speed to meet the needs of different working conditions, medium cutting power and high cutting efficiency.

    The electric control system adopts flameproof and intrinsically safe switch box and intrinsically safe operation box, with small volume, light weight, flexible operation, safety and reliability, LCD screen industrial control display, menu type operation interface, flexible and safe parameter setting; It has the functions of overvoltage, motor overload, phase loss, short circuit, overtemperature, leakage locking, etc.

    The hydraulic system adopts constant power, pressure cut-off and load sensitive control, and the main hydraulic pressure adopts international well-known brands.

Technical Parameter:

Overall Size(LXWXH) (mm) 10440x2520x1795
Shovel plate width (mm) 3600/3200/2800
Height (mm) (Cutting head is laid horizontally on the highest point) 2205
Dinting undercut (mm) 440/215
Ground clearance (mm) 250
Width of positioning cutting (mm) 6260/5700
Height of positioning cutting (mm) 5030/4650
Gantry height (mm) 400
Total weight (kgs) 58000
Climbing capacity ±18°
Travelling speed (m/min) 7
Grounding pressure (MPA) 0.132
Total power (kW) 325
Cutting motor power (kW) 200
Pump power (kW) 110
Supply voltage (V) AC1140/660(customization)
Frequency of supply (HZ) 50
Rotation speed of cutting head (r/min) 46/23
Loading capacity (m³/min) 4.2
Crawler width (mm) 600
Water pressure of outside spraying (mpa) 4
Water pressure of inside spraying (mpa) 2
Maximum size of non removable part (mm) 3125x1390x1410
Maximum weight of non removable part (kgs) 5900

Product Configuration

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