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CYTM41/2 Anchor Bolt Drilling Jumbo

    Product Description

    Cym41/2 mining hydraulic anchor bolt drilling jumbo is suitable for bolt support in mining and tunnel excavation under geological conditions such as complex surrounding rock structure and serious rock damage. It is an advanced small rock roadway full hydraulic rock drilling equipment. The anchor bolt drilling rig has the advantages of compact structure, small overall size, energy saving, low noise, multiple functions and high efficiency. Different power sources are used for walking and rock drilling, so it is convenient to switch, so it can realize rapid transfer. The anchor drilling machine is suitable for bolt operation of various underground roadways and culverts such as metal mines, non-metal mines, hydropower and so on.

Technical Parameter:

Item CYTM41/2(HT91) CYTM41/2(HT92)
Applied working section (mm) 3500x3500-6000x6000 3500x3500-5000x5000
Size(transportation) (mm) 10500x1850x2270 10000x1650x2200
Size(working condition) (mm) 10300x5600x7000 9400x6300x6200
Min.turning radius (mm) 3550(internal) 5700(external) 3310(internal) 5300(external)
Ground clearance (mm) ≥300 ≥300
Weight (kg) 13500 12100
Drilling hole diameter (mm) 38-43 38-43
Drilling rod length (mm) 2475/2600/3090 2475/2600/3090
Anchor bolt length (mm) 1800/2200/2500 1800/2200/2500
Drifter HC28 HC28
Impact power (kW) 10 10
Impact energy (J) 196 196
Impact frequency (HZ) 53 53
Working pressure (MPA) 16 16
Working flow (L/Min) 65 65
Feed rotation (°) ±180 ±180
Feed lifting angle (°) Down 25° up 80° Down 25° up 80°
Feed extension (mm) 480 480
Boom lifting angle (°) Down 25° up 80° Down 25° up 80°
Boom swing angle (°) ±35° ±35°
Electric motor power (kW) 55 55
Nominal voltage (V) 380(customizable) 380(customizable)
Cable length (M) 70 70

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