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SDB-180 Crawler Mucking Loader

    Product Description

    SDB-180 crawler haggloader(mucking loader) is a high-efficiency raking and loading equipment for continuous production. It is mainly used for the loading operation of various ore blocks such as coal mine and mine main roadway, railway tunnel, water diversion tunnel project and national defense project. It can also be used for loading bulk materials in open-air operation.

    It is crawler walking, with large driving force, wide raking range, full section rock loading, no dead corner. The overall design of the machine integrates the advanced technology of Germany and Japan, and is equipped with excellent fault detection system and circuit protection system. The machine is equipped with humanized pilot operation system It greatly lightens the labor intensity of workers. When operating this machine, it is safe, relaxed and comfortable, and can adapt to various complex working conditions.

Technical Parameter:

A  Excavating Width(mm) ≥6500
B  Excavating Distance(mm) ≥2800
C  Excavating Height(mm) ≥4400
D  Excavating depth(mm) 800
E  Dumping Height(mm) 2700(changeable)
F  Minimum Loading Height(mm) 2000(changeable)
G  Dumping Distance(mm) 3500(changeable)
H  Maximum Rotation Angle(°) ±50
Weight(Kg) 15000
Dimension(L*W*H mm) 10000*2200*2300
Loading Capacity(m³/hour) 180
Climbing Ability(°) ≤30
Electric Motor Power(kw) 55
Mini turning radius(mm) 6500
Ground Clearance(mm) 380
Travelling Speed(m/s) 0.8
Rated working pressure(Mpa) 25
Applied working section of tunnel (Width*Height)(mm) ≥4000*4000

Product Configuration

  • Distribution Valve
  • Guide Handle
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Pump+Elecric Motor
  • Radiator
  • Electric Motor
  • Electric Element
  • Scraper Conveyor

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